Message From the President

Message from the President


August 2015

Dear members,

Two years ago, Carmen asked me whether I was interested in taking up the post of President as it was time for her to pass it to someone else I was contemplating whether to stay on at MACP or concentrate more on my own professional development. I am not one to shun responsibility, especially when the matter of concern is something I firmly believe in and hold dear and therefore I accepted, knowing full well that I would need to give up on other things. My very first reaction was to write to the cohort of masters students that I trained with to gauge their support and response, as I firmly believe that the role and work of President cannot rest on the shoulders of one individual or indeed on the executive council especially now that the Association will become a Union that represents counsellors. I was indeed overwhelmed with the supportive feedback which convinced me all the more of my decision.

It will not be easy to step in the shoes of the three virtuous, hardworking and professional presidents to follow; three individuals who left their mark on our profession; Ms Micheline Sciberras, Dr Dione Mifsud and Ms Carmen Galea. I am more familiar with the last two presidents – Dr Dione Mifsud, through whose vision and persistence the Masters in Counselling course and the Counselling Department were established and Carmen Galea who together with the members of the Executive Council saw the Counselling Professional Bill through – a daunting and never ending task of lobbying, amendments to the proposed bill and meetings upon meetings which finally yielded fruit. Carmen has been a competent and dynamic, action-oriented leader and my respect for her increases the more I get to know her.

I hope to continue on the work of my predecessors, and together with the hardworking members of the executive committee will concentrate on extending the role of the association to a trade union. We will strive to continue to project a professional image, to continue to provide continuous professional development training opportunities and to lobby for new working opportunities and better working conditions for counsellors practicing in Malta.

My appeal as President is for members to convince fellow counsellors to join the association. The old cliché of strength in numbers is undeniably true and we need to come together if we want to be heard and seen by our employers and by our future clients. Workplaces recognise a union if it has a fifty plus one percent membership and therefore our first task as a union is to gain recognition in workplaces where we achieve this percentage of membership. We all need to belong and to commit to MACP and we all need to do our part to continue to establish counselling alongside the other kindred professions.

I look forward to be of service to the profession and humbly ask for your support and contribution.

Silvia Galea
MACP President